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Shirts made to order

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Delivery date: Tuesday 26.10.2021

Producer: SHPERKA

Shirts are immortal, and if you assume that your weight should not change dramatically, it is definitely worth investing in a custom shirt. The advantage of such shirts is that they fit you tailored to the ready-made size. You decide what it will look like from the material, through length, color, monogram, etc. And that shirt will be unique, only yours, because you designed it, no other will be the same. Our shirts are designed and manufactured in Slovakia, so not only will you support our manufacturers, but their delivery will not take forever;)
Shirts are a "must have" that should not only be missing in a men's wardrobe. A white shirt, which ranks among the basic pieces of a timeless and even minimalist wardrobe, should certainly have its place there.

As is our custom, we try to revive a bit of history and bring a proven classic to today's hectic world. One of the basic features of our shirts is the almost forgotten "club collar". This is a very popular type of "round" collar, which was popular mainly in the first half of the twentieth century and today has fallen into a bit of oblivion. He was one of the hallmarks of elites and, in our opinion, he looks incredibly luxurious.

We tried to simplify the ordering process as much as possible and we firmly believe that the choice of fabric and possible adjustment of the cut (lengthening the sleeves, changing the length of the shirt or choosing the fabric) will not be complicated, but rather fun. The basic cut is based on ready-made sizes, according to the table below.


Of course, it is not a problem to make a shirt completely according to your measurements, but before such an order, contact us first.

Delivery time is a maximum of 3 weeks from the creation of the order and we will inform you about each step during production.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, either by email: or by phone at +421940 896 897.

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