Kožený opasok obojstranný čierny/hnedý

Kožený opasok obojstranný čierny/hnedý

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Praktický opasok

54 €

60 € Discount 6 €

Availability: Available
Delivery date: Wednesday, 20.10.2021

Producer: Sage Brown

Item Spec: Length: 120cm Width: 3.5cm Depth: 0.2cm


Measuring 47 inches/120cm long x 1.5 inches/3.5cm wide and complemented by a silver nickel square buckle, this 2 in 1 belt features a pull and rotate buckle so that you can choose which colour to wear with your outfit. Handmade in the highest quality calf leather, this belt can be adjusted in length by taking the buckle off and cutting to size. The buckle also rotates so that you have the choice of two belt colour combinations and a choice of two belt loops, one in each colour.


Handmade in fine calf leather

Square detachable silver nickel buckle

Black or brown colour combination - just pull and rotate the buckle accordingly

Chiselled tip

47 inches/120cm long x 1.5 inches/3.5cm wide

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