Fox Umbrellas RGS1

 Fox Umbrellas RGS1

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Elegant umbrella with wooden handle and bar

117 €

130 € Discount 13 €

Availability: Available
Delivery date: Wednesday, 20.10.2021

Producer: Fox Umbrellas

This umbrella is made on a brown wooden bar with a 24 "frame and comes with a wooden handle made of dark gloss maple (dark gloss version). The length of this umbrella is approximately 89 cm from the handle to the sleeve. The roof is made of high quality 100% waterproof polyester which has a diameter of approximately 102 cm when opened and is available in brown.
The Fox RGS series is a starting line for rod umbrellas, has a plastic runner and notch, preformed springs and is made on a 24 "frame.

Made in the UK

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