Cashmere t-shirt black /

Cashmere t-shirt black /

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Producer: SHPERKA

Perhaps there isn´t more pleasant and functional material in the world than cashmere. Shperka knitted t-shirt made of 100% cashmere will adorn your wardrobe. Luxurious look, but also functionality are a perfect combination, which you will appreciate not only in summer, but also throughout the year. In addition, 100% cashmere guarantees you an incredible ease of wearing and a magical combinability. It's up to you whether you combine the SHPERKA cashmere t-shirt with shorts or chinos or enchant ladies with it in combination with a suit and leather sneakers. It will simply look great on you no matter what style you choose.
Material: 100% cashmere
Cashmere is one of the rarest fabrics. It is acquired by combing the undercoat wool of Kashmiri goats and it is possible to obtain only about 110 g of wool from one goat suitable for processing per year. It is therefore necessary to use wool from 3-4 goats to make one T-shirt or sweater. Cashmere is a very light and comfortable material to wear. In addition, it is naturally hypoallergenic, the fibers have low thermal conductivity (they heat in winter and cool in summer) and contain natural wax, which has beneficial effects on the skin.

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